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I've written a series of four lesbian detective novels, unimaginatively called, "The Detective Series." They are available for your purchasing pleasure on in paperback and Kindle versions and on for Nook. In addition, I like sunsets, single malt scotch, and some other thing that starts with the letter S. This blog gets updated once a week or so and usually has something to do with my experiences as a writer.

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Buy the book

That's right, my little squirrels, it's alive! Alive! Go ahead and buy Chasing if you so desire. And if you don't desire, then fuck you and the horse you rode in on. And after I'm done with you, get the fuck out of here.

(I might still be feeling a little residual tension from the editing and publishing stuff this past week. Love you!)

Yes, the cover needs some work. I've got that on my list of things to do. As you can see, I re-worked it from the original version. And I want to be clear that I loved the original version. I loved all the little houses. I just had a hard time figuring out how they would translate across all four books. In addition to that, I've seen a bunch of covers that feature one small object/drawing with a big title and author name, and I could think of a small objects/drawings for each book, so I took the car from the original drawing I commissioned and used it. But I might go back to the original cover. Or I might not. So many choices, goddammit!

So now I must obey the all-knowing Ms. Marshmallow and do what she says to get me some reviews. And I also have to start editing book #2. (NOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!) But I did it. I got book #1 out there--just as an e-book for now, but it's something. Now I've got to get book #2 out there this month. Because I said June but I did not say when in June. I'm a sneaky motherfucker!


Must. Force. Self. To edit.

I know, usually I'm all, "Editing rocks! I can't wait! Writing is editing, folks!" But for some strange reason, I just can't seem to get excited about it this time around. It's a real stumper.

I've been told that book #1 doesn't need much. And I believe it. Mostly because I don't want to edit it. But I probably should still read through it, right? No? Just put it out there as-is? I like the way you think!

Then there's book #2: my favorite book of the series, if you must know. So it's probably all good too, right? Yeah? Wow, it's amazing how people will tell you exactly what you want to hear when you don't actually ask anyone any questions and/or make up their answers for them. I think I'm on to something here!

I was totally going to spend Memorial Day weekend writing a new story. Oh yes I was. Not a novel, mind you. More of a long-ish short story. It was going to be like my own little 3 Day Novel Contest weekend except I would have wimped out and not tortured myself like that. But no. Editing will be much better for my soul. Er, right? Right? Or did you mean "write," like I should write that story after all? Really? I should? OH MY GOSH I LOVE YOU.


June. I'm saying June.

I really have to get off my ass and do the work to put out my books. I will make myself accountable by putting it here on my blog. In June, I will have available for purchase at least the first two books of my detective series. The second half of May should be pretty open for me, so I have no excuse not to get this done. NO EXCUSE. June, people. June.

I'd actually like to get them all out at or around the same time. As much fun as it is to think that I could dole them out slowly in order to create anticipation for the next release, I think that is over-reaching for a first time, self-publishing author. I'll be lucky to get whatever sales I get, and hoping that someone will keep checking back to see if I've got out the next in the series is hoping for too much, I think. So I want to get them all out there, and then if anyone likes one, they can go on to the next (and maybe the next and then the next).


Books #1 and #2.



Opinions actually solicited

When I was writing book #1 of my series, I didn't have a title in mind. This isn't the first time that's happened, but it's somewhat rare. For me, stories often start with a vague idea of the major characters and what their conflict will be and, yes, a title name. But not this book. I named the document "Oz," which is the nickname of my main character, and I decided to wait for inspiration to strike.

It never did.

When I began the submission process, a title for the book was necessary, and I eventually settled for On the Chase, which I thought was okay, but if I'm being honest, I've never been that attached to it. The names for the other three books in the series arrived to me in the usual fashion--before I'd written a word of them.

Speaking of "a word," that's what those three titles are: one single word. Book #2 is titled Echoes; book #3 is titled Landslide; and book #4 is titled Caught. It just happened that way, and when it happened that way, the title for book #1, On the Chase, began to bother me. I felt that it should be a one word title too.

I also have a second reason for wanting to change the title: Bella Books has still not taken down their pre-release listings of my book, and I don't want to argue with them about it. By picking a new name, I can just ignore their listing.

Now! This is where you come in! One thing I do like about the titling so far is that the first book has "chase" in the title and the last book is called "caught." So I'd like to keep that alive. Some obvious possible titles include




In the same vein:


What say you? Do any of these seem noticeably better than any of the others? Or do you have another idea? Help a sister out!


Free at last

Hey, I didn't write a blog post last week. The reasons for that were twofold. 1) I had nothing to say. 2) I am a lazy slacker who wasn't willing to think of something to say. You're welcome!

But now, at long last, I have something to say. I finally FINALLY got something in writing from Bella Books saying that I'm released from my contract. Turns out that the key to getting a response was to threaten to get a lawyer. Worked like a charm. (Should have done that as soon as Downith suggested it.) Just for kicks, the publisher added in a line about not wanting any further communication from me. Right back at ya, babe! 

So I guess this means I actually have to do the work to self-publish my books. That means editing. Good thing I love editing! Love it! No, wait, dammit, I hate editing with every fiber of my being. And as I contemplate editing book #1, it's occurred to me that it might be even better to edit all four books and release them simultaneously so a reader can buy the whole series. Won't that be fun! No, fuck it all, it will be hellish torture. Whose bright idea was it to write a four book series anyway? Won't make that mistake again, my friends!

That's the news around these parts. Seems like most of my regulars have exciting stuff going on with their own projects. If you care to share, I'm all ears. Or eyes, I suppose would be a more accurate assessment.