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I've written a series of four lesbian detective novels, unimaginatively called, "The Detective Series." They are available for your purchasing pleasure on in paperback and Kindle versions and on for Nook. In addition, I like sunsets, single malt scotch, and some other thing that starts with the letter S. This blog gets updated once a week or so and usually has something to do with my experiences as a writer.

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It's one of those blog posts about not having anything to blog about. Yes, CHRISTMAS HAS COME EARLY.

What's a writer to write about when she isn't writing or even editing? Some writers like to write about other people writing, and I've read a lot of cool quotes and thought provoking paragraphs in those blog posts. Maybe I could write one of those. Except fuck that. This website is about me! ME! ME! ME! 

Er, so, I'm not writing or editing. But maybe I can spin some cotton candy out of my ass about what I'm not writing or editing. Why not?

I'm not writing book #4 anymore because I already wrote it. But! People are reading it! My partner read it already, and she really liked it, but I pay her for that opinion, so you shouldn't put too much stock in it. How do I pay her? Mostly by not curling up in the fetal position on the floor and crying for three days straight. It's amazing what a person will say to you if you threaten to do that and mean it.

Other people are reading it too, now, people who don't live with me, so my sobbing onto the living room floor doesn't scare them too much. As far as I know, these other people are still in the first 25% of the book, but they like it so far. 

Now for the book I'm not editing. Yeah, still haven't gotten those "comments from my editor that I should expect in early February." I could be stressed out about this, but I've decided that the reason she hasn't sent me any comments is because she dares not comment on perfection. (Yes, I've been nursing this delusion for a long time.)

So what's not going on with you?

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Reader Comments (12)

OHMYGOD it is so not early February anymore. I don't think there are going to be a lot of changes to Book1, and that is why you have not heard anything. I mean, would you even want changes? I think about my books after I've done three or four full revisions. If people give big-picture criticism, I prefer to take it under advisement for future books rather than make more changes. As time goes by, I prefer to change my books less from my original vision. I figure you have to leave some obnoxious stuff in there for people to hate or there won't be anything to love.

So, now what???

After the betas, you'll do a little revising if needed?

Gosh. Then what?

New series?

Blogging about corduroy pants? <-- I'd read that.

February 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTamara Marshmallow

I actually am editing. Up to my ears in religious satire.

February 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTodd Newton

Tamara, That's a lot of questions! I'll try to answer them all.

About book 1 and editing. Of course I don't want them saying that they want a lot of changes! But I think I might have added in a few things since I sent them book 1. Maybe. Not sure about that. And there is one change I want to make to it myself. Nothing to the plot, really. Just characterization to keep it inline with the other books.

About what happens to book 4 after the betas: Nothing. I will file the beta feedback away and get to it later. Book 4 won't be published for 2-3 years. I'm not saying I'll let it sit for that long. BUT I MIGHT.

As for "what next?" I guess I thought this blog would become about what happens getting a book to print, but I'm afraid there might not be enough material about that to give me a blog post every week. So I'm not sure what I'm going to do around here. I don't see myself starting a new writing project for a while (at least six months). As much as I love corduroy pants (and I do!), this blog is supposed to be about "my experiences as a writer," and I'm still planning to keep that as its focus.

Todd, Ah, you've decided to put out Thomas Redpool. Great!

February 24, 2012 | Registered CommenterSonje Jones

February 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTamara Marshmallow

I'm dawdling. I'm trying to convince myself that my novel-in-progress is finished and doesn't still need major structural work. And I'm working on a short story that has caught my imagination.

And I'm reading blogs.

February 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPaul

The "she dares not comment on perfection" explanation is becoming more and more persuasive. After all, however you define "early February," this ain't it.

And I do think it's always a good idea to file the beta feedback away for a while before acting on it.

Oh, and I agree with Tamara's point about not making major revisions past a certain point. Eventually you have to say it's done and move forward. Even more true, I would guess, if you're trying to write two books a month. :-)

February 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAnthony Lee Collins

I'm embarrassed to say that I'm still editing. Draft #3 of the smut-novel (okay, novella, but who's counting?) is underway. I'm so sick of these two people and all their fucking and fighting and melodrama and whatever the hell is wrong with them. I swear I'm going to kill one of them off, that'll show 'em.

After this I'm going to write short stories. Forever. No, I'm serious this time.

February 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAveril Dean

Tamara, Post #1: Why are wide-wale corduroys so hard to find these days? THEY ARE AWESOME.

Paul, I'm jealous of you. I wish I had more short story ideas. I almost never get them.

Anthony, Layce Gardner and I exchanged a few emails in early January, and amongst other things, she told me that her second book was slotted for publication in May and she still hadn't received comments from her editor. A week later, she tweeted that she'd just gotten her edits. That was only five months out from her pub date, so I guess I might not hear anything until...April? C'est la vie.

Averil, Why on earth are you embarrassed about that? To be on your third round of editing already is AMAZING. You have been working so hard and have been so dedicated. There's no way I could spend MONTHS of concentrated editing the way that you have. You should be really proud of yourself.

February 26, 2012 | Registered CommenterSonje Jones

I strived for days to come up with a good comment on this post, but as you said, "she dares not comment on perfection." ;)

February 27, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKristan

Kristan, Thank you. Thank you very much. And may I add that you have exquisite taste in blog posts. ;)

February 27, 2012 | Registered CommenterSonje Jones

uhh....lets see, I'm not editing the book-I-never-seem-to-finish-fucking-with and am in a vague plotty-note-takey stage with the next book, but not so far into it that I'm really hooked yet. And I have a copy of aforementioned book-I-never-stop-etc... out with a reader-friend so there will probably be more patching to do before sending that book out for round one of rejections (round 2 I suppose since rejection one is what made me do the latest edit). So...I've been reading, watching some for corduroys...

February 28, 2012 | Unregistered Commentermelissa

Melissa, Hey! For the first time in a long time, SquareSpace let your comment through without making me approve it! Yay! [insert smooth segue] Writing books sucks. Except when it's awesome. Fickle bitch muse.

February 29, 2012 | Registered CommenterSonje Jones

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